Book Review- ‘SOLD’ by Patricia McCormick


Lakshmi  is a thirteen years old “hill girl” from a small mountain village in rural Nepal. She lives together with her mother, stepfather, a small goat and a small baby brother in a hut that can not protect them from the rain. Nonetheless she and her mother excel at finding the simple pleasures in live even if the step father gambles away all their money every night… A bad man is better than no man. After a especially rainy monsoon that washed away all of the family’s crops Lakshmi’s stepfather tells her that she’ll have to go to the city and find a job as a maid to support the family. With the picture of gaining enough money to buy a tin roof Lakshmi willingly agrees and is thankful that she can help her Ama.

What she doesn’t know is, that her new Auntie Bimla never intended to find her a job as a maid. Instead she brings young Lakshmi to happiness house in India. Lakshmi faces an unbelievable fate: she has been sold into child prostitution.

Patricia McCormick who worked together with Amnesty International and Survivors themselves manages to write a nearly poetic book about a traumatic experience. The book is written in Lakshmi’s voice as she writes down daily what happens. How she is treated, used and betrayed but also how she finds friends and laughter and in the end a ray of hope.

This book raises awareness for a fate that happens to young girls every day. Sexual trafficking is not some made up horror but day to day reality. And through reading the book and being aware of this violation of human rights is the first step to change. As Eli Weisel said, ”Let us remember: what hurts the victim most is not the cruelty of the oppressor, but the silence of the bystander.”


Wiyanna Markowis


Five Great Places to Get Coffee Around Thamel

This is the article published under “Five Great Places to Get Coffee Around Thamel” Text/Photo by Elizabeth Unswarth in “Tourism Times” (Vol. 16, August 16-31, 2012)


So friends, please visit us, when you are in Kathmandu.


Dear Brother and Sister,


Thank you for visiting our most beautiful and vast Himalayan country Nepal. We will appreciate if you can send us your thoughts and experiences either in the form of poetry, prose, drama or jokes. And please let us know how we can help to our people and environment of sacred mountain.

Your visits, cooperation, contribution and blessings have always been helpful to our mystical and magical Nepal – “Never End Peace And Love”.

We are responsible for our own deeds. Love is the ultimate. Himalayas teach us Satyam Shivam Sundaram. May the Dhamma (meditation and unconditional service), Karuna (compassion) and Metta (unselfish love and kindness) be the greatest blessing in our lives. We hear sage’s, yogi’s and wiseman voices across the ages. Simply do it, practice or meditate for its own good.

Let us know how we can help you.

Thanking you.

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A Compassionate Journalist: The Life and Times of Bharat Dutta Koirala

ISBN: 9788177698954
Title: A Compassionate Journalist: The Life and Times of Bharat Dutta Koirala
Author: Dharma Adhikari
Edition Year: 2010
Cover: Paperback
Subject: Autobiography/Biography
Language: English
Abstract: This is the biography of Bharat Dutta Koirala, a winner of the 2002 Magsaysay Award. The book gives us a rare glimpse of the media during the Panchayat era of Nepal, seen through the lens of career of the author. The author cuts out a world in which Bharat Dutta Koirala, takes up significant leader-manager roles. The narration is gripping, coherent, and lucid.
Remarks: B/W Photographs, Bibliography and Index.
Edition: First Edition
Pages: 336
Size(mm): 140 x 215
Weight(grams): 380
Price: US$ 8.00

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Never End Peace And Love

Nepal, the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal, is a landlocked country with an area of 147,181 square kilometers and a population of approximately 30 million.

But many of us do not know or may wonder how this small yet beautiful country got the name Nepal.

There are many anecdotes and stories are believed by scholars, historians and local traditions related how the country Nepal got its name. Some of are as follows:

The word “Nepal” is believed to be derived from the word Nepa: which refers to the Newar Kingdom, the present day Kathmandu Valley. With Sanskritization, the Newar word Nepa became Nepal. The Newars of present day Nepal, refer to all the inhabitants of Kathmandu valley and its peripheries (called Nepa:) before the advent of Shah dynasty.

Some other people believed, the word “Nepal” have been derived from the Sanskrit word nipalaya (nip+aalaya), which means “at the foot of the Himalaya (Mountains)”. Also the word Nepal is believed to be related to Tibetan word niyampal, which means “holy land”.

According to Skanda Purana, a Hindu sage named Ne established himself at the valley of Kathmandu during prehistoric times and that the word “Nepal” came into existence as the place protected (pala in Sanskrit) by the sage Ne. The etymology of the name Nepal means, “the country looked after by Ne”.

Whatever is the history behind naming Nepal but there an interesting definition of Nepal in English in which each letter tries to describe Nepal in its own way.

Nepal = Never End Peace And Love.

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The World is My Nation

We are pleased to announce that we have published a new title


The World is My Nation: Memoirs of an Extraordinary Lifetime Odyssey

by Alex Gargilis
ISBN: 978817769897
2010, First Edition, Hardback, 725 pages, 150 x 220 mm, B&W Sketches.

This book is a different sort of travel guide. The author has visited more than 150 countries. It is a very personal one, in which he recounts incidents unique to each country he has visited and adventures that occurred spontaneously. It is a personal experiences and an honest, contemporary perspective on almost every country for travellers.

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