In the Belly of the Fish – New Release

Pilgrims is delighted to share the news of new release of the book In the Belly of the Fish: Matsyendranatha and the Chakra of the Yoginis by Stella Dupuis.

In the Belly of the Fish is the story of the mythic master Matsyendranatha through the eyes of women-goddesses, the Yoginis. The most important Tantra treatise written by the great scholar Abhinavagupta from the 10th century honoured Guru Matsyendranatha as the father of Yoga.

In Kathmandu Valley he became the God of Mercy: MACHHENDRANATH.

In the Belly of the Fish is a positive and joyful novel adorned with picturesque legends and esoteric knowledge that can be implemented in our daily life when confronting challenging situations.

Stella Dupuis is a Swiss novelist born in Panama. She studied marketing and advertising in Switzerland and Sweden before launching a successful business career in Latin America and Europe. Since becoming a writer seven years ago, she has published four novels in Spanish and English. In her work she depicts a yearning for a spiritual destiny that transcends blind commitment, stereotypes and religious fanaticism. For many years, Stella has also been teaching Yoga and Meditation in many countries. She is the author of Memoria de Viento (In the Wake of the Wind), La Puerta de Jade, Teli-Ka Mandir and The Yogini Temples of India: In the Pursuit of a Mystery.

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Forthcoming Titles – Fiction


Paths less Travelled
By Matthew S. Friedman

Paths less Travelled represents a very simple, gentle love story between two young people – the boy was from a devout Hindu household and the girls from a traditional Muslim home. What makes it different from most other books is that it looks at the emotions associated with a love situation, more from the boy’s perspective than the girl’s – something that is less often the focus of other stories. The love that is explored is raw, unrefined, masculine and spiritual.

Matthew S. Friedman has worked in the field of international health and has traveled extensively, visiting over thirty countries around the world. Currently based in Thailand he still continues to take a great interest in the cultures of South and Southeast Asia. Amongst his other published works are Tara: A Flesh-trade Odyssey, The Gorkha Urn, Time and Proximity, Nepalese Casted Religious and Cultural Lamps and Nepalese Casted Vessels, Decanters and Bowls.

Maya - A NovelMaya – A Novel
By Dr. Ruby Gupta

Maya alludes to one of the basic themes of Hindu philosophy that this world is nothing but an illusion. The protagonist Viren, travels from India to the US and back to the newly formed State of Chhattisgarh, in India. His journey becomes an unconscious journey into the self – a quest to understand the existential angst. This is the larger connotation of the title.

Maya is also the name of one of the central characters, a beautiful mysterious woman who stays alone in a dilapidated fort. Viren repeated interaction with her intrigue him; and he begins to question the purpose of his current lifestyle. Their conversations about life and mysticism form the core of the novel.

Dr. Ruby Gupta, recipient of the Pratibha Samman Award for journalism in 1998 she was also selected a GSE program member for the USA by Rotary International in 2004 was initially a student of science who later switched to creative writing, dabbled in journalism, went on to acquire two gold medals for literature, and finally ended up with a PhD. Her published works include two books – Khushwant Singh: Reality and Myth and A Collection of Short Stories.

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